The Club policy and protocol for general sports injuries is as follows:

  1. Any complaint received from an athlete or symptoms/signs observed by a parent, legal guardian or coach must be discussed between the parties.
  2. A player, parent or legal guardian must notify a coach if that player suffered an injury or is diagnosed with an injury or illness that limits soccer activity.
  3. If there is any concern or issue of an injury, the Club policy is, “If in doubt, sit them out”.
  4. If a parent requests their child be held out of practice or competition, the coach must honor that parent’s or legal guardian’s request.
  5. If a coach determines a player should sit, the parents and legal guardians must honor the coach’s decision.
  6. If a player is diagnosed with an injury, the player must provide a medical release and return to play report from a medical doctor before resuming any soccer activities.
  7. The medical doctor clearance directives must be followed whether the directive involves limited activity, other modified return status or unlimited, full contact, game playing release.
  8. The general rule is to err on the side of caution, “It’s better to miss a game than a season!”

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