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Executive Board

President – Jeff Heaton
Vice President – Colette Duffy
Secretary – Monica Willans
Treasurer – Jon Dichter


Administration – Marc Weinstein
Coaching – Doug Cohen
Equipment – Matt McCloskey
Fields – Keary McNew
Fundraising – John Dean
Technology – Jim Zamichieli
Travel – Adam Kaye
Adult Division – TBD
Chief of Referees – Ivan Bell
Past President – Joe Hunter

Division Coordinators

Kindergarten Coordinator — Ryan Carter
1st Grade Male Coordinator — Adonna Longo
2nd/3rd Grade Male Coordinator — Joe Casey
4th/5th Grade Male Coordinator — Michael Spector
6th/7th/8th Grade Male Coordinator — Monica Willans
1st/2nd Grade Female Coordinator — John Dean
3rd/4th Grade Female Coordinator — Fred Esslinger
5th/6th Grade Female Coordinator — TBD
7th/8th/9th Grade Female Coordinator — Colette Duffy

High School Coed Coordinator — Gerry Moore

Select Coordinator — David Barrist

TOPSoccer Coordinator — Joe Hunter

Travel Coaches

Contacts for boys Travel teams
Contacts for girls Travel teams